Private Jet Crew 


Digital Experience 


Looking for a job can be extremely hard, especially in the private airline industry. The aim was to take a closer look at the job market and design an user experience that matches the user needs.

As a flight crew, the workplace requires to fit certain criteria. Because the airline industry has very specific needs with respect to type of aircraft, experience, etc to find an employer that is suitable. So, for this project, I focused on the private flight crew job market and their needs in detail to design an easy and intuitive experience. 




Some of the key aims where:

  • Reduce cognitive load.

  • Make sure users know what is a button and what is not a button.

  • Reduce the number of steps in the AMA onboarding.

  • Simple user interactions.

  • Easy of Use.

After conducting user interviews and understanding the user requirements,
I had the basic idea of what users look for in a job search environment and how the product should help them.


Matching the crew with appropriate roles, offering candidate sourcing, interactive screening possibilities and interview coordination are some of the complex tasks which needed a simple and intuitive user experience.


The user interface is designed with a mobile first approach and has been optimised for desktop devices.