Emergency Response App 


Digital Design
Usability Research
UX Prototyping





The idea is to come up with an app/platform that can connect people in an emergency situation with people who can provide help. Develop for both stakeholders – help seeker, and help provider.


  • Lack of information about measures taken

  • No real-time data available

  • No contact with distribution centres, helpers, stakeholders, etc.

  • Lack of basic knowledge for first aid

  • Lack of community coherence & communication pipelines

  • Location relevance and Geo tracking possibilities



  • Preloaded Instructions, simple pre-boarding.

  • Safety Instructions

  • Alerts & push notifications

  • Open-source mapping

  • Compass & tools

  • Clutter free UI

  • Simple navigational UX

Market Research

I conducted market research on tools/apps that have similar capabilities and uses. Some non-profit organizations like Red Cross have multiple tools that provide info and resources for workers in areas which need emergency response. 
Some other examples:

  • Ready NYC: provides information & resources for locals in NYC in case of emergency

  • Volunteer Match: Matches volunteers with charity/non-profit organisations.

  • Amplify: Creates communities & channels to connect govt. officials with citizens

  • Emergency Translator App: Uses FB Messenger API services to provide translation services for volunteers & help seekers in times of emergencies.

User Groups

  • Help Seeker: this group of users look to find help.

  • Help Provider: this group of users look to provide help during an emergency. They may or may not be trained in areas such as first aid/medical services, disaster management, non-profit experience etc.

UX flow


Artboard – 1.png
Artboard – 3.png

High fidelity prototype

Based on the wireframes created, I prototyped some high fidelity designs of the User Interface to visualize the information hierarchy, UI elements and screens.

Artboard – 4.png
Artboard – 5.png
Artboard – 2.png

For contrast, the user flow was designed to be a straightforward one-off journey and was built around the same design system for both the user groups to have a significantly simpler decision making journey.